06/20/2011 The Latest Bank Bailout: Does Too Big to Fail, Mean Too Big to Govern?
06/15/2011 Banks Turn to Schumer on Patents
06/15/2011 GOP, Dem members call for rejection of House patent reform bill
06/15/2011 Patent Carve-Out Finds Opponents Left and Right
05/16/2011 UBS Settles Check Imaging IP Suit With DataTreasury
04/15/2011 Banks Still Acting Badly
02/23/2011 DataTreasury Names Capital One, Regions Bank, and Others in New Litigation
01/12/2011 Federal Judge Grants DataTreasury Post-Verdict Royalties in U.S. Bank Case
10/06/2010 DataTreasury Founder Claudio Ballard Named 2010 “Inventor of the Year”
09/27/2010 US Bank ordered to pay 54 Million
09/14/2010 Aptys Solutions Licenses DataTreasury’s Image Capture Technology
03/30/2010 Jury orders US Bank to pay $27M in patent case
03/30/2010 DataTreasury's Check Imaging Win Could Spur Patent Settlements
03/29/2010 Jury Affirms DataTreasury Patent Rights
03/23/2010 Patent Theft as a Business Strategy
03/21/2010 Entrepreneurs should get their chance to grow
03/18/2010 Executive questioned on history
03/17/2010 Inventor's passion "infectious"
03/16/2010 Check Imaging at heart of patent suit
03/15/2010 U.S. Bancorp Challenges DataTreasury Patents on Check Imaging
03/06/2010 Banks Facing Patent Dispute
02/24/2010 U.S. Bank Could Lose $200M in Patent Case
02/24/2010 Stealing Ideas From Inventors
02/24/2010 Banking Dispute Involving U.S. Bank Going to Three Trials
02/24/2010 U.S. Bank Prepares for Trial in Key Check-Processing Case
11/24/2009 Banks Lost Millions on Digital Cheque Project
09/25/2008 Embattled WaMu Fights Patent Infringement
09/22/2008 Datatreasury settles Bank of New York Mellon Corp., City National Bank and Compass Bancshares Inc.
09/09/2008 Latest DataTreasury Settlements Add to Pressure on Defendants
03/31/2008 "They're banking on getting away with it"
02/26/2008 "Is there a check on banks' political clout?"
02/22/2008 "Inside bank job"
02/15/2008 "Meaningful patent reform"
02/14/2008 "Lawmakers Move to Grant Banks Immunity Against Patent Lawsuit"
02/01/2008 "Bruised Banks Salve Their Pain With More Fees for Customers"
01/29/2008 "HP says patent reform bill ' in the final stretch ' "
01/15/2008 "SVPCO Check Image Volume Surges"
10/04/2007 "Bank Bill's Senate Champion Has Ties to Industry"
08/03/2007 USPTO office takes action on re-exam for DTC patent # 6032137
07/13/2007 Response for re-exam of DTC patent # 5910988
07/10/2007 "The U.S Patent and Trademark Office has upheld substantially all of the claims..."
05/21/2007 "When Banks Turn Evil"
01/23/2007 "Diebold Licenses Datatreasury's Financial Transaction Patents"
08/14/2006 "Merrill Lynch Licenses DataTreasury's Financial Transaction Patents"
04/01/2006 "Intellectual Property: Are Banks Patently Unaware of IP Issues?"
02/27/2006 "Banking Industry Veteran William M. Randle Joins Board of DataTreasury Corporation"
01/23/2006 "NCR Settles Patent-Infringement Lawsuit with DataTreasury"
11/25/2005 "First Data Corporation petitions the United States Patent Office for a Re-Exam of Datatreasury's patent..."
11/07/2005 "World's Largest Maker of Electronic Transaction Terminals Settles with DataTreasury"
11/07/2005 "DataTreasury Corporation Files Lawsuits Against Bank of America, Citigroup, Wachovia and Wells Fargo; Suits Allege Infringement of Patented Check-Processing Technology".
11/07/2005 "World's Largest Maker of Electronic Transaction Terminals Settles with DataTreasury "
07/07/2005 "J.P. Morgan Settles Patent Suit Over Check-Imaging Process; Victor DataTreasury Grants The Bank License for Usage; Accord Had Been Explored"
07/07/2005 "JPM Settles in Check 21 Patent Battle"
07/07/2005 “J.P. Morgan Settles Patent Suit Over Check-Imaging Process; Victor DataTreasury Grants The Bank License for Usage; Accord Had Been Explored”
07/07/2005 "How DataTreasury Could Become a Toll Collector in Check Imaging"
07/06/2005 "JPMorgan Chase and DataTreasury Corporation Settle Landmark Patent-Infringement Litigation; Bank Licenses DataTreasury's Check-processing Technology"
07/06/2005 JPMorgan Chase and DataTreasury Corporation Settle Landmark Patent-Infringement Litigation
06/20/2005 "Will Zions' Check 21 Patent Deal Lead to More?"
06/16/2005 "NetDeposit Inc. settles patent infringement case"
06/15/2005 "NetDeposit Obtains License for Technology Patents; Agreement Removes Concerns Over Electronic Check Clearing"
03/07/2005 "DataTreasury Wins Crucial Phase of High-Dollar "Check 21" Case; Judge Again Rules Firmly Against Defendants Accused of Patent Infringement".
02/22/2005 "SVPCo National Check Exchange Launched "
12/17/2004 "Patents Now Play Important Role in Financial Industry"
12/15/2004 "Vendor Files Check Image Patent Suits Against Banks"
12/14/2004 "J.P. Morgan Is Sued Over Patents For Check-Processing Technology"
12/14/2004 "J.P. Morgan, Others Sued For Violating; E-check Patent"
10/28/2003 "Check 21" Enables Implementation of Patented Technology.
06/04/2003 "Second Corporation - RDM - Joins ACS, Settles Lawsuit with DataTreasury"
06/03/2003 "ACS settles DataTreasury patent infringement suit"
09/25/2002 Banking Industry Testimony Urging Congress to Pass "Check 21"
11/02/2000 "Bank of America, IBM, Chase Manhattan to Offer Checks Archive"
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