Affiliated Computer Services Inc. Agrees to Injunction in DataTreasury Case.

For Immediate Release: Contact: Lyda Creus Molanphy
Mark Sanders
June 3, 2003

Dallas – DataTreasury Corporation today announced that Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Services (“ACS”) has agreed by the entry of a permanent injunction barring the use by ACS of DataTreasury’s patented remote image capturing and storage technology.

The injunction comes one day before a claims construction hearing in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Texarkana Division, in a multi-billion dollar patent infringement action [Civil Action No. 502CV124 (DF), DataTreasury Corporation vs. J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., and ACS Image Solutions]. JP Morgan Chase is the only remaining defendant.

DataTreasury founder and Chairman of the Board Claudio Ballard and Vice Chairman Dr. Gary Knutsen said the settlement will improve both ACS and DataTreasury’s future marketing opportunities.

DataTreasury was formed in 1998 and is built around its patents covering its “Global Repository Platform” which is the world’s most functional and secure informational management system. DataTreasury was issued patents in 1999 and 2000 for image capture, centralized processing and electronic storage of document and check information. The permanent injunction expressly recites that the electronic archive project as proposed by JP Morgan Chase in their joint venture with ACS was covered by the DataTreasury patents. The agreement and permanent injunction will end the lawsuit enabling both ACS and DataTreasury to focus on collaborative ventures.

ACS employs 40,000 people worldwide and “provides business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology (IT) services to world class commercial and government clients” (, reaching all seven continents and 47 countries, and its revenues approach $4 billion annually (ACS 2002 Annual Report).

DataTreasury, a privately owned company, has filed similar lawsuits in Texarkana and Dallas against Electronic Data Systems, ViewPointe Archive Services (comprised of large U.S. companies involved in electronic payment processing), and Groupe Ingenico, a French company with its U.S. subsidiary based in Georgia that makes point-of-sale terminals, scanners, and other electronic payment equipment (Civil Action No. 502CV095, DataTreasury Corporation vs. Ingenico, S.A., d/b/a Groupe Ingenico, and Ingenico, Inc., TASQ Technology Inc. and Global Cardserve LLC d/b/a Retriever Payment Systems Inc).

The Texarkana litigation is before United States District Judge David Folsom and the Wednesday, June 4th, 2003 hearing is before The Honorable Magistrate Caroline Craven.
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