"J.P. Morgan, Others Sued For Violating; E-check Patent"
National Journal's Technology Daily (12.14.04)

New York-based DataTreasury contends that J.P. Morgan and other firms are illegally using a technology it patented that captures images of checks and archives them in a secure electronic repository, The Wall Street Journal reports. At issue is a new federal law that allows banks to move checks among financial institutions via electronic images. DataTreasury CEO Claudio Ballard contends that the technology "is our stuff" and is challenging large companies like J.P. Morgan and others in three Texas courts. In other news, AP reports that the insurance provider Geico on Monday urged a federal judge in Virginia to prohibit the Google search-engine firm from selling Internet advertisements for other firms based on searches using Geico's name. Geico argues that the practice infringes upon its trademark. And Reuters and the Journal report that Sony and Samsung Electronics have agreed to share patents on basic technology to speed product development and avoid adding to a growing number of cross-border patent disputes.
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