DataTreasury Corporation has licensed its products and intellectual property to companies such as NetDeposit, Bank Hapoalim, Goldleaf Financial Solutions (limited license with restrictions), Merrill Lynch, and Diebold, which are companies that properly respect and appropriately value and understand the importance of intellectual property (IP.) Unfortunately over the past several years, DataTreasury has been left with no alternative but litigation with corporations that have repeatedly chosen to ignore or simply refuse to seek a lawful license of DataTreasury's IP. After five plus arduous years of rigorous litigation supported by the law firm of Nix, Patterson and Roach,LLP, DataTreasury has successfully attained settlements and licensing of DataTreasury's IP with JP Morgan Chase, Bank One, Ingenico, and RDM. Prior to these settlements with these multiple defendants, hundreds of thousands of pages of prior art were submitted to the Court in an attempt to invalidate theses patents--but to no avail. Defendants JP Morgan Chase, Bank One and Ingenico entered Consent Judgments before the Court stating the patents were validly issued and enforceable.

DataTreasury's intellectual property continues to be tested in the courts and challenged at the Patent Office by defendants with vast legal budgets and unfettered access to the world's largest law firms and the most powerful lobbying groups. The following pages chronicle the history of DataTreasury, the aforementioned litigation and the resulting settlement timelines during which DataTreasury successfully protected its most valuable assets.

We share our story not only for your protection and as testament to our dedication to superior technical innovation, but to request respect for all proud, pioneering inventors and artists, large and small.

March 11, 2008
Judge's official orders granting motions to lift stays.
Order Granting Motion to Lift Stay-Deny Mt to Stay Pending Outcome - Doc. #168.

Order Granting Motion to Lift Stay - Doc. #115

Order Granting Motion to Lift Stay - Doc. #118

Order Granting Motion to Lift Stay - Doc. #124

Order Granting Motion to Lift Stay - Doc. #843
February 15, 2008
CBO Scoring - S.1145 More...
February 04, 2008
Dept of Commerce weighs in on Sessions' language. More...
January 24, 2008
Minority View on S. 1145 - pages of interest are 74-77.

2008.01.24 - S.1145 - Senate Report with Minority Views
January 15, 2008
Datatreasury files a motion to lift stay. More...
December 25, 2007
Ex Parte Reexamination Certificate for patent 6,032,137
October 23, 2007
Ex Parte Reexamination Certificate for patent 5,910,988
October 10, 2007
'759 Re-Exam Denied by USPTO More...
September 13, 2007
DataTreasury sues Canadian banks More...
September 11, 2007
S 1145: Patent Reform Act of 2007 is read for a second time and placed on the Senate calendar More...
September 4, 2007
HR 1908: Patent Reform Act of 2007 is passed by the House More...
August 29, 2007
Notice of Intent to Issue Ex Parte Reexamination Certificate for 6,032,137
August 17, 2007
USPTO terminates re-exam of DTC ' 988 patent - sent to Publications for Issue of Certificate
August 14, 2007
Canadian banks sue DataTreasury over check clearing More...
August 3, 2007
Letter from 65 Congressmen regarding H.R. 1908 More...
July 23, 2007
Notice of Intent to Issue Ex Parte Reexamination Certificate for 5,910,988
July 19, 2007
Senate Judiciary Committee Markup of S.1145 More...

Amendment is added to Patent Reform Bill 2007 More...
July 10, 2007
Patent Office Validates DataTreasury Image Exchange Patent More...
May 31, 2007
Notice of Acceptance of Re-exam for Patent 5,583,759 More...
May 15, 2007
USPTO office takes action on re-exam for DTC patent #6032137
May 2007

International Grant/Registration #ZL98810515.2 issued in China

April 18, 2007
Rep. Howard Berman (d- CA) introduces bill HR 1908: Patent Reform Act of 2007 to the House floor More...
February 7, 2007
DataTreasury Scores Victory before US Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit More...
January 23, 2007
"Diebold Licenses DataTreasury's Financial Transaction Patents" More...
December 16, 2006
Request for Reexamination under 35 U.S.C § 302
October 25, 2006
Order Granting Motion to Stay as to the Huntington Patents More...
October 10, 2006
Motion to Stay Litigation as to the '988 and '137 Patents More...
August 14, 2006

DataTreasury announces Merrill Lynch acquired a license to utilize six of DataTreasury's financial transaction patents on a worldwide basis. More...

February 27, 2006
William Randle Joins DataTreasury More...
January 23, 2006
NCR Settles Patent-Infringement Lawsuit with DataTreasury More...
January 2006

International Grant/Registration #2301793 issued in Canada

November 25, 2005
First Data Corporation petitions the United States Patent Office for a Re-Exam of Data Treasury's patent 5,910,988. More...

Notice of Re-Exam of 988

Notice of Re-Exam of 137

Request for Ex Parte Re-Exam for '759
November 07, 2005

Ingenico is granted a license by DataTreasury allowing the company to utilize the patents on a worldwide basis More....
Ingenico Consent Judgment 

November 2005

International Grant/Registration #1-1998-02223 issued in the Philippines

October 20, 2005

Community Banking Systems announced that it has purchased a license to utilize technology patented by DataTreasury Corporation. More...

October 13, 2005
“Defendants Fail in Attempts to Change Venue” of DataTreasury's Patent Litigation. More...
July 06, 2005
"DataTreasury Corporation Files Lawsuits Against Bank of America, Citigroup, Wachovia and Wells Fargo; Suits Alleged Infringement of Patented Check-Processing Technology." More...

In a consent judgment filed 7/01/2005, JPMorgan Chase admitted that it had infringed on DataTreasury's technology, and agreed that the patents are both "valid" and "enforceable."
JPMorgan Chase Consent Judgment
Worldwide News Release JPMC Settlement
June 28, 2005
Consent Judgment is filed for Bank One More...
June 15, 2005
“Netdeposit obtains license for Technology Patents” More...
March 07, 2005
“DataTreasury Wins Crucial Phase of High-Dollar ’Check 21’ Case; Judge Again Rules Firmly Against Defendants Accused of Patent Infringement” More...
February 22, 2005

SVPCO Check Services announces the launch of SVPCO National Check Exchange, a new national check clearing service. More...

December 15, 2004
American Banker Releases Article: “Vendor Files Check Image Patent Suits Against Banks” More...
December 14, 2004
Wall Street Journal article discusses Data Treasury v. JP Morgan Chase case More...
August 2004

International Grant/Registration #221995 issued in Mexico

July 2004

International Grant/Registration #71339 issued in Singapore

June 2004

International Grant/Registration #2231117 issued in the Russian Federation

October 28, 2003

DataTreasury Corporation Applauds Signing of Check 21 Act. More...

Congress introduces the Check 21 Act More...

August 2003

International Grant/Registration #MY-115763-A issued in Malaysia

July 2003
International Grant/Registration #503049 issued in New Zealand

International Grant/Registration #168876 issued in Australia
June 04, 2003
RDM Settles with DataTreasury More...
June 03, 2003

"ACS Agrees to Injunction in DataTreasury Case” More...

June 05, 2002

Data Treasury files suit against JP Morgan Chase More...

January 24, 2002

“DataTreasury Inks Pact With Bank Hapoalim” More...

September 2001

International Grant/Registration #NI-132479 issued in Taiwan

May 01, 2001

Wells Fargo CEO, Richard Kovacevich, admits he steals ideas. More...

November 02, 2000

Bank of America, IBM, Chase Manhattan to Offer Checks Archive More…

February 29, 2000

USPTO issues Patent #6,032,137 More…

June 08, 1999

USPTO issues Patent #5,910,988 More…

September 1998

International Grant/Registration #21930 issued in Egypt

August 1998

International Grant/Registration #136498 issued in Pakistan


Claudio Ballard, founder of DataTreasury, conceives Remote Image Capture with Centralized Processing and Storage Patent


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